Take your passion for photography to the next level by enhancing the technical skills, conceptual thinking, and stylistic approaches required for a stunning professional-ready portfolio in this certificate program at Otis Extension. You will prepare for a career as a commercial, editorial, or fine arts photographer with the skills necessary to succeed in a range of industries, including news and media, fine arts, advertising, photojournalism, portraits, and events. 

After completing the program, you will be prepared for entry-level positions as an assistant in a studio, gallery, or academic environment, a freelance photographer, or educational advancement. You will gain a fundamental understanding of cameras, lighting, aesthetics, printing, editing, promotion, and presentation formats needed for specialized areas of photography. Learn from experienced professionals and artists, connect with a network of creatives, and receive career support, including career counseling, career assessment, internship advising, and employer networking opportunities. Ultimately, you will create a professional-quality portfolio demonstrating conceptual, design, and technical proficiency for entry-level positions in the photography industry. 


What you will learn:

  • Essential photography knowledge, including using film and digital SLR cameras and other formats, lenses, ISO, aperture, shutter speeds, taking a light meter reading, depth of field, and more 
  • Technical processes for digital and darkroom production
  • Constructing lighting scenarios with a variety of light sources
  • Mastery of white balance, color correction, and working creatively with color and various light sources
  • Creative processes to develop your photographic voice
  • Professional practices relevant to a photography career and portfolio development 

Prospective Student Resources


Program Costs

  • Approximate Course Cost: $505*
  • Total Number of Courses: 10
  • Estimated Total Tuition: $5,050** 

*Cost after certificate tuition discount. Upon submitting the certificate application and fee, students qualify for a 15% tuition discount per course at the time of enrollment. 
**Cost after certificate tuition discount. Courses are individually priced. Tuition and course fees are paid at the time of enrollment in each course. Total tuition is not paid in advance or in a lump sum.


Eligibility and Requirements

Students must be 18 years of age to enroll. No portfolio or prior experience is required.  

Individuals interested in this certificate program can take up to two courses before committing to the program. Before beginning their third course, students are required to submit a Certificate Program Enrollment Application with a non-refundable $185 application fee. 

Applicants will be notified of their enrollment status within one week of submitting their application. Click below to apply now! 


Additional Details


Minimum Required

This program requires five (5) elective courses. Students may select a 30 hour/3 unit course. Please consult your certificate advisor for guidance on selecting electives.

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