XAED0000 - Art Ed
XAED100 - Med. Mindfulness for Teachers
XAED1002 - Teaching,Learning and Creative
XAED1003 - IPAD for the classroom
XAED1004 - Right Brain Drawing:Teacher Wr
XAED1005 - Design Thinking for Educators
XAED1006 - Activating Potential:K-12
XAED1008 - ArtEd:The Anchor Work Approach
XAED1009 - ArtEd: Designing an Edible Lan
XAED1010 - Guiding Portfolio Process
XAED1100 - Strategies for Creative Potent
XAED1200 - Intergrating the Arts for Ed.
XAED1212 - How to Inspire Cognitive Think
XAED1313 - Effective Strategies for Creat
XAED211 - Dig Stotytelling for Teachers
XAED212 - Teaching for Learning I
XAED215 - Art Assesment Strategies for E
XAED220 - Social Media Workshop
XAED221 - Bricks + Clicks: Building eLearning for Art + Design Education
XAED225 - Sun Printing for Educators:Cya
XAED245 - Community Arts in LA
XAED250 - Exploring Trad. of Tempera
XAED260 - Teaching Art in a Bus Class
XAED300 - Special Topics: Learning Differences
XAED301 - Special Topics: Art Therapy
XAED302 - Special Topics: Socially Engaged Museum Education
XAED312 - History of Aesthetics
XAED333 - Exploring Arts/Science thru In
XAED335 - Community Arts Internship
XAED336 - Teaching Internship
XAED338 - The NEXT Institute: DEI
XAED400 - Sp Top :Socially Engaged Art
XAED412 - Teaching for Learning II
XAED430 - Free from Stress
XAED440 - Hand Power is Brain Power
XAED455 - Raising the Bar: Pwr Big Idea
XAED460 - CWI Summer West Institute
XAED470 - Community Works Institute: Virtual Summer Institute
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