SPFD100 - Designscribe: Guided Fashion Exploration
XCRF1020 - Embroidery Arts Workshop
XDEV1072 - Business Operations 101 for Design and Fashion
XFSH1140 - Knit and Stitch
XFSH1141 - Fashion Entrepreneurship Topics: Developing your Brand and Identifying a Niche
XFSH1142 - Fashion Entrepreneurship Topics: Launching a Startup Brand
XFSH3000 - Introduction to Fashion Design
XFSH3001 - Introduction to Apparel Design Development
XFSH3003 - Intro To Footwear Design
XFSH3005 - Haute Couture: Finishing & Con
XFSH3006 - Drafting Custom Blocks and Patterns
XFSH3007 - Designing the Espadrille
XFSH3008 - From Runway to the Rack
XFSH3009 - Intro to Shoe Design
XFSH3010 - Skills Workshop - Sewing
XFSH3011 - Skills Workshop - Pattern
XFSH3012 - Patterndrafting II
XFSH3013 - Prof Sewing Online
XFSH3014 - Draping I
XFSH3015 - Patternmaking I
XFSH3016 - Designing Pants
XFSH3017 - Hat Making: Haute Headwear
XFSH3019 - Sewing I
XFSH3020 - Intro to Indust Power Sewing
XFSH3022 - Intermediate Sewing
XFSH3023 - Design Yourself Happy!
XFSH3024 - 3D Visualization Lab for Fashion Design
XFSH3025 - Designer at Your Doorstep - Zero Waste Pants
XFSH3026 - Ideation to a Creative Fashion Collection
XFSH3027 - Introduction to Watercolor and Ink for Fashion
XFSH3028 - Figure Drawing for Fashion
XFSH3050 - Digital Design for Fashion
XFSH3051 - Hand Knitting
XFSH3055 - Summer Fashion Illustration Workshop
XFSH3056 - Fashion Illustration
XFSH3057 - Intro to Fashion Des History
XFSH3058 - Intro to Shingo Sato
XFSH3081 - Sewing Workshop
XFSH3100 - Rules of Design for Creative Fashion
XFSH3114 - Draping II
XFSH3125 - Figure Drawing for Fashion
XFSH3126 - Textiles for Fashion
XFSH3132 - Design Studio
XFSH3201 - History of Costume
XFSH3222 - Style Icons & Designing Fashn
XFSH3322 - Intro to Costume Des
XFSH4031 - Digital Design for Fashion and Textiles
XFSH4032 - Demi Couture
XFSH4100 - Digital Design for Textiles
XFSH5500 - Final Project: Designing and Marketing a Fashion Line
XFSH6000 - Design, Merch and Entrepreneur
XFSH999 - Independent Study
XGMD1004 - Concept/Storytelling for Game Design
XPHO2402 - Fashion Photography