XCHL8008 - Drawing Manga: Teen
XCHL8506 - Draw Comic Book Heroes and Villains: Ages 11-13
XPFP0000 - Conceptual Pntg & Mixed Media
XPFP1060 - Drawing the Surreal
XPFP1065 - Oil Painting with Water-Soluble Paint
XPFP1070 - PP: Adv Drawing/Intro to Fig
XPFP1073 - Imagining Your Art (online)
XPFP1074 - Portraiture & Head Drawing
XPFP1077 - CP: Sculpture
XPFP1115 - Beyond the Brush
XPFP1120 - Cyanotype on Paper & Textiles
XPFP1161 - Finding Light: Exploring Digital Photography
XPFP1162 - Drawing Studio: Precollege
XPFP1163 - College Prep: Painting
XPFP1166 - Preparing Your Portfolio: Precollege Photography
XPFP1167 - Photography Studio: Precollege
XPFP1170 - Life Drawing and Painting: Precollege
XPFP1171 - 2D Computer Animation: Teen
XPFP1172 - Port. Prep: Fine Art & Photog
XPFP1175 - College Prep: 2d Design
XPFP1188 - Fantasy Fridays: Teen Cosplay Design and Make Workshop
XPFP1190 - Fundamentals of Studio Art
XPFP1191 - Graphic Design Studio: Precollege
XPFP1192 - 3D Design and Model a Toy: Precollege
XPFP1194 - Sketchbook as Personal Record and Vision: High School
XPFP1195 - Sketchbook Club: Teen
XPFP1196 - Movie Poster Design: Teen
XPFP1197 - Fashion Design: High School
XPFP1198 - Recording Los Angeles with Mixed Media: Teen
XPFP1199 - Sketchbook Club: Teen
XPFP1200 - Drawing Manga: Precollege
XPFP1201 - Painting with More than Paint: Teen
XPFP1212 - DIY Publishing: Zines and Artist Books
XPFP1213 - Preparing Your Portfolio: Precollege
XPFP1255 - CCHS CTE Architecture Pathway Advanced Course (Period 5)
XPFP1266 - CCHS CTE Architecture Pathway Advanced Course (Period 3)
XPFP1267 - PP: Mixed-Media
XPFP1268 - Writing & Illustrating Comic
XPFP1277 - CCHS Costume and Prop Design
XPFP2000 - PP:Adv 2D Animation
XPFP2001 - Introduction to Graphic Design
XPFP2002 - Dynamic Sketching & Paint
XPFP2200 - I CAN Be a Video Game Designer
XPFP2201 - I CAN Be a Graphic Designer and Artist
XPFP9000 - Design Based Learning