Course Description

This hands-on course provides a strong introduction and foundation in nonlinear video editing skills and techniques.  Editing software such as Final Cut Pro is used to create projects that focus on continuity, screen direction, and narrative clarity.  Technical topics covered include: capturing and logging, organizing workflow, building rough cuts by working with timelines and clips, refining rough cuts through the use of trimming, refining edit points, and applying transitions.  Working in small teams, the class’s primary project is a short narrative silent video, which is then used as the basis to explore editing approaches and techniques.  Using the same footage, each student creates their own edit of the narrative, refining and focusing it over the course of the term.   Hands-on tutorials reinforce technical editing concepts introduced in lecture and demonstrations.  Films and videos that demonstrate key concepts from lecture material are screened and discussed.  Students also learn basic terminology and receive an overview of career options in the editing field. 

Applies Towards the Following Certificates

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