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Works of extreme brevity go to the heart of human experience with intensity and clarity. Learn to distill language to create urgency and depth – with elements of the unexpected. Acquire narrative skills to compress stories to moments, transform fragments to tales, and shape the impressionistic to a lyrical landscape. Compressed prose forms include Flash and Sudden Fiction (less than 1000 words), Micro-memoir (200 – 250 words), Drabble (100 words), Mini-saga (50 words), Vignettes, Hint Fiction (25 words), and 6 word stories (made famous by Ernest Hemingway). Poetry forms include Haiku, Tanka, Acrostic, Lune (American Haiku), and Nonet (Disappearing Poem). This course serves as a perfect introduction to Creative Writing or an ideal way for Intermediate/Advanced students to learn to whittle their long form writing for more powerful effect.

- Through weekly Zoom meetings, students will work under the guidance of instructor expertise to achieve their work in a virtual studio environment. In addition, students take part in select course activities at their own time; course content will be posted on a weekly basis based on the scheduled meeting date.
- Prerequisites: none
- This course does not provide certificate credit.

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Micro Stories & Poems: Macro Impact
7:00PM to 10:00PM
Jun 15, 2021 to Jul 20, 2021
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  • On-Line Distance Learning
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  • This course requires you to have a computer with an internet connection; camera and mic to participate in an online course setting; and ZOOM Web Conferencing App installed.

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  • All times are listed for Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).

  • Course teaching method: Combined Asynchronous/Synchronous

  • Asynchronous: Taught through an online learning environment, allowing for flexibility with scheduling of the student's participation in activities. Includes organized discussions, posts and replies to messages, and uploaded multimedia and resources.                                                                                      

  • Synchronous: Taught through an online learning environment, allowing for the instructor and students to meet during scheduled times. Includes lectures, demos and discussions via Zoom.

  • Course details subject to change. Please check this page regularly to verify information. After registering for a course, visit your student profile page for updates.

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