XDEV1074 - How to Create and Sell an NFT: for Artists and Creatives
XDEV1075 - How to Turn Your Art into an NFT
XDMA222 - Dig Media Arts: Adv Projects
XDMA223 - 3D Modeling
XDMA323 - Digital Storytelling
XDMA5500 - Final Portfolio
XDMA8100 - Creative Coding
XDMA8112 - Cinema 4D
XDMA8113 - Editing I
XDMA8500 - Oscar's Foreign Film
XDMA8800 - Art in the Drone Age
XDMA9009 - Digital Imaging I: Photoshop
XDMA9010 - Introduction to 3D & VFX
XDMA9011 - Digital Design Tools: Media
XDMA9012 - Apple Motion
XDMA9013 - Digital Design Tools: Print
XDMA9014 - Stop Motion Animation
XDMA9015 - Digital Design Tools: Graphics
XDMA9043 - Advanced Color Theory: Color Scripting for Visual Development
XDMA9111 - Production
XDMA9112 - Toon Boom Storyboard Pro
XDMA9115 - Adobe InDesign
XDMA9121 - Digital Drawing I: Illustrator
XDMA9122 - Media Literacy
XDMA9123 - Web Design
XDMA9124 - User Experience (UX) Design
XDMA9125 - User Experience Design
XDMA9135 - Web Design I
XDMA9136 - Digital Imaging II: Photoshop
XDMA9137 - Digital Imaging III: Photoshop
XDMA9138 - User Interface Design
XDMA9139 - Web Design II
XDMA9140 - Web Design III
XDMA9141 - Web Design IV
XDMA9142 - Motion Graphics I
XDMA9143 - Motion Graphics II
XDMA9145 - Digital Storytelling
XDMA9146 - 2D Animation I
XDMA9147 - 2D Animation II
XDMA9148 - 3D Animation I
XDMA9149 - 3D Animation II
XDMA9150 - Animating Digital Puppets
XDMA9151 - Video Production
XDMA9153 - Editing II
XDMA9154 - Sound Editing
XDMA9156 - Editing III
XDMA9160 - Design Based Learning
XDMA9165 - Developing Apps:Mobile Devices
XDMA9166 - Cinema 4D Basics
XDMA9170 - Digital Painting in Procreate
XDMA9171 - Develop a Style in Procreate
XDMA9173 - Mentorship Workshop for Animators
XDMA9210 - Creative Ideation for Worlds and Environments
XDMA9221 - Digital Drawing II: Illustrator
XDMA9222 - Digital Media Arts: Advanced Projects
XDMA9224 - Digital Art Play
XDMA9225 - User Experience Design
XDMA9226 - Final Portfolio: UX/UI Design
XDMA9229 - Japan: Exploring Anime & Manga
XDMA9232 - Editing II
XDMA9250 - Stop-Motion Animation
XDMA9257 - Intro to Animation:
XDMA9300 - AI Generative Art
XDMA999 - Independent Study
XFSH3024 - 3D Visualization Lab for Fashion Design
XFSH3060 - Adobe Illustrator Techniques for Fashion
XFSH3203 - Digital Brushes for Fashion Design Workshop
XGMD1001 - Introduction to Game Design
XGMD1002 - Game Development: Teams
XGMD1003 - Scripting for Game Design
XGMD1005 - Game Design Production I
XGMD1006 - 3D Modeling: Game Design
XGMD1007 - Game Design Production II
XGRD5011 - Concept Development for UX/UI Design
XGRD5020 - Design a Museum Brochure with InDesign
XGRD5021 - Digital Infographics 101
XGRD5028 - Visual Design for UX/UI and Digital Apps
XGRD5030 - Typography II
XGRD5500 - Final Portfolio: Graphic Design
XILU5019 - Storyboarding for Film and Animation
XILU5020 - Quick Sketch Techniques
XILU6304 - 2D Character Design Workshop
XPHO2068 - Virtual Reality Photography
XPHO2200 - Adobe Lightroom Workshop
XPHO2600 - Digital Photography
XPHO2650 - Digital Photography II
XPRD7503 - 3D Digital Modeling I
XSRF4027 - Surface Design: Digital Creation
XSRF4030 - Surface Design: Production