XDMA8113 - Editing I
XDMA9011 - Digital Design Tools: Media
XDMA9013 - Digital Design Tools: Print
XDMA9043 - Advanced Color Theory: Color Scripting for Visual Development
XDMA9121 - Digital Drawing I: Illustrator
XDMA9122 - Media Literacy
XDMA9170 - Digital Painting in Procreate
XDMA9171 - Develop a Style in Procreate
XDMA9210 - Creative Ideation for Worlds and Environments
XDMA9221 - Digital Drawing II: Illustrator
XDWG1001 - Drawing and Composition
XDWG1615 - Drawing I
XDWG1616 - Drawing II
XDWG1617 - I Can't Draw People!
XDWG1618 - How to Draw with Pen and Ink
XDWG1619 - How to Sketch Animals
XDWG1620 - How to Draw with Linear Perspective
XDWG1621 - How to Draw Portraits
XDWG1625 - Drawing using Visual Thinking Workshop
XFSH3014 - Draping I
XFSH3027 - Watercolor and Ink for Fashion
XFSH3056 - Fashion Illustration
XFSH3060 - Adobe Illustrator Techniques for Fashion
XGRD5021 - Digital Infographics 101
XILU1800 - Introduction to Illustration
XILU1801 - Introduction to Illustration
XILU3321 - Botanical Illus: Plant Studies
XILU3369 - Intro to 2D Animation
XILU3556 - Graphite for Botanical Illustr
XILU5019 - Storyboarding for Film and Animation
XILU5020 - Quick Sketch Techniques
XILU6008 - Visual Storytelling through Co
XILU6009 - Illustrating Children's Books
XILU6010 - Ilus Childrens Books:Interm
XILU6038 - Drawing Comics
XILU6150 - Botanical Outdoor Sketching
XILU6151 - Botanical Illustration I
XILU6155 - Botanical Rendering Tools
XILU6160 - Biological Illustration
XILU6262 - Drawing & Writing Comics
XILU6300 - Character Design
XILU6301 - Heirloom Tomatoes in Watercolor/Colored Pencil: 2-Day Workshop
XILU6302 - Eggplants in Watercolor/Colored Pencil: 2-day Workshop
XILU6303 - Drawing Manga
XILU6305 - Key Art/Movie Poster Design Workshop
XILU6307 - Botanical Illustration II: Graphite Mastery
XILU6308 - 3D Form in Watercolor for Botanical Illustration
XILU6309 - Green Leaves in Watercolor for Botanical Illustration
XILU6310 - Onions in Watercolor for Botanical Illustration
XILU6311 - Fantasy, Magic and Gothic Children's Books
XILU6320 - Color Mixing for Scientific and Botanical Illustration
XILU6330 - Advanced Botanical Illustration Studio
XILU999 - Independent Study
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