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Our human tradition of storytelling now exists in a digital media environment where millions have access to multimedia tools and the opportunity to instantly connect with a global audience. From Tik Tok to YouTube, people are telling their digital stories. This hands-on course covers the tools to better understand, produce and communicate within this shared media environment. Over 10 weeks, students produce compelling and emotionally engaging digital stories in the form of a web page and companion 3 - 5 minute video. Students are encouraged to approach their stories from their own unique perspectives and may combine text, images, video, interactivity, music, and other media. These personal projects may include memoir, autobiography, and informative prose, and use a traditional, or non-traditional, narrative structure. Topics include story structure, storyboarding, shot & sound design, editing concepts, and sourcing audio and visual materials. The instructor will also discuss the future of digital storytelling in terms of emerging forms such as AI, AR and VR.

No student is expected to begin this course as an accomplished auteur but each student can expect to leave as a digital storyteller.

- Through weekly Zoom meetings, students will work under the guidance of instructor expertise to achieve their work in a virtual studio environment. In addition, students take part in select course activities at their own time; course content will be posted on a weekly basis based on the scheduled meeting date.

- Note for art educators: This prototype assignment serves as a template that can be replicated in the classroom with many variations, including a narrative about literary characters; historical figures and events; and instructional guides.


Specific coursework required for Certificate Students, all other students should have equivalent experience.

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Digital Storytelling
7:00PM to 10:00PM
Jun 03, 2021 to Aug 05, 2021
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  • On-Line Distance Learning
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Course Requirements

  • This course requires you to have a computer with an internet connection, a camera and mic to participate in an online course setting; a smart phone (iPhone or Android) to capture audio and visuals; ZOOM Web Conferencing App and Adobe Spark, FiLMiC Pro, and Audacity installed. 

  • In addition, here are optional software for this course:

    • Professional editing software such as Premiere or consumer software such as iMovie

  • As an Otis Extension student, you are eligible for select software discounts which can be found online under the software company’s education section of its website. 

  • Software licenses are available here:

Section Notes
  • This course includes 30 hours of class time plus at least 15 hours of homework time.
  • All times are listed for Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).
  • Course teaching method:  Combined Asynchronous/Synchronous
  • Asynchronous: Taught through an online learning environment, allowing for flexibility with scheduling of the student's participation in activities. Includes organized discussions, posts and replies to messages, and uploaded multimedia and resources.                                                                                      
  • Synchronous: Taught through an online learning environment, allowing for the instructor and students to meet during scheduled times. Includes lectures, demos and discussions via Zoom.
  • Course details subject to change. Please check this page regularly to verify information. After registering for a course, visit your student profile page for updates.
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