XDMA9121 - Digital Drawing I: Illustrator
XDMA9170 - Digital Painting in Procreate
XDMA9210 - Creative Ideation for Worlds and Environments
XDWG100 - LA Figurative Arts Retreat
XDWG1001 - Drawing and Composition
XDWG1010 - Drawing the Nude
XDWG1014 - Life Drawing
XDWG1018 - Large Scale Figure Drawing and Painting
XDWG1019 - Drawing Animal Portraits
XDWG1021 - Sketch Sustainability in LA
XDWG1022 - Drawing Basics
XDWG1024 - Life Drawing II
XDWG1030 - Journaling Techniques: The Art of Noticing
XDWG1040 - Drawing Using Visual Thinking Workshop
XDWG1146 - Portrait Drawing
XDWG1212 - Intro to Art&Des Fundamentals
XDWG1213 - BA+D Drawing Form
XDWG1214 - BA+D 2D Design
XDWG1215 - BA+D Life Drawing
XDWG1607 - Pastel Drawing
XDWG1609 - Colored Pencil Painting
XDWG1610 - Analytical Artistic Anatomy
XDWG1611 - Drawing from Memory
XDWG1614 - Don't Think, Draw!
XDWG1615 - Drawing I
XDWG1616 - Drawing II
XDWG1617 - I Can't Draw People!
XDWG1618 - How to Draw with Pen and Ink
XDWG1619 - How to Sketch Animals
XDWG1620 - How to Draw with Linear Perspective
XDWG1621 - How to Draw Portraits
XDWG1622 - Drawing and Heart Meditation Workshop
XDWG1623 - Drawing and Paper Stories
XDWG1625 - Drawing using Visual Thinking Workshop
XDWG1800 - Painting LACMA
XDWG2000 - Drawing and Meditative Mindfulness
XDWG2014 - Life Drawing II
XDWG2055 - Sketching in the Marina
XDWG2066 - Recycled Objects: Collage, Assemblage, and the Found Object
XDWG3040 - Drawing Upon Nature
XDWG4000 - New Materials Workshop
XDWG9999 - Ind Study
XFSH3026 - Ideation to a Creative Fashion Collection
XFSH3027 - Watercolor and Ink for Fashion
XFSH3028 - Figure Drawing for Fashion
XILU6151 - Botanical Illustration I
XILU6300 - Character Design
XILU6301 - Heirloom Tomatoes in Watercolor/Colored Pencil: 2-Day Workshop
XILU6302 - Eggplants in Watercolor/Colored Pencil: 2-day Workshop
XILU6306 - Graphic Novel Illustration
XILU6307 - Botanical Illustration II: Graphite Mastery
XILU6308 - 3D Form in Watercolor for Botanical Illustration
XILU6320 - Color Mixing for Scientific and Botanical Illustration
XILU6330 - Advanced Botanical Illustration Studio
XINT7016 - Perspective Drawing
XINT7200 - Drafting I
XINT7201 - Drafting II
XPTG1114 - Tarot Card Painting
XPTG1725 - Artist in the Kitchen
XPTG1726 - Acrylic Painting I
XPTG1727 - Acrylic Painting II