7615 - Advanced 3D Modeling
XCER1105 - Beginning Ceramics - 10 Weeks
XCER1106 - Beginning Ceramics - 15 Week
XCER1109 - Techniques of Colored Clay (aka Nerikomi)
XCER1110 - Hands in Clay Workshop with Michael Sherrill
XCER1113 - Build Bigger Ceramics
XCER1120 - Polymer Clay Workshop
XCER1130 - Clay in LA
XCER1408 - Ceramics Professional Critiques
XCER1413 - Introduction to Handbuilding
XCER1414 - Intermediate Handbuilding
XCER1415 - Summer Ceramics Projects
XCER3511 - Intermediate Ceramics - 10 Weeks
XDEV1070 - Licensing Your Art and Earning Royalties
XDEV1073 - Launching Your Brand Online
XDWG1001 - Drawing and Composition
XDWG1615 - Drawing I
XFRN1617 - Machine Woodworking
XFSH3019 - Sewing I
XFSH3023 - Design Yourself Happy!
XGRD5009 - Art Direction for Social Media
XGRD5014 - Introduction to Graphic Design
XGRD5022 - Designing Your Vision: Creating a Cohesive Brand Identity
XINT7001 - 3D Design
XINT7014 - SketchUp for 3D Design
XINT7016 - Perspective Drawing
XJWL3012 - Jewelry Design I
XJWL3016 - Cuttlefish Casting Workshop
XPRD3050 - Product Design Studio I
XPRD3052 - Visual Communication I
XPRD3060 - The Way Things Work
XPRD3070 - A Beginner's Guide to Tinker
XPRD6400 - Mold-Making For Ceramics
XPRD6500 - Intro To Ceramic Production
XPRD7200 - Prod. Design Studio I: Small H
XPRD7300 - Themed Entertainment Design
XPRD7400 - Build Your Own Drone
XPRD7501 - Introduction to Product Design
XPRD7502 - Introduction to Space Experience Design
XPRD7503 - 3D Digital Modeling I
XPRD7504 - Hybrid Design Lab - Design Futures Lab
XPRD7560 - The Art of Technology
XPRD7600 - Product Design Studio I
XPRD7610 - Visual Communication II
XPRD7615 - 3D Digital Modeling II
XPRD7620 - Product Design Studio II
XPRD7630 - Professional Practices: Design Your Future
XPRD7635 - Prop Design Lab
XPRD7650 - Tech Lab:Designing Merch 3D
XPRD7700 - Product Design Studio III
XPRD7800 - Intermediate Ceramic Prod
XPRD999 - Independent Study
XPRT5306 - Bright & Bold: Fluorescent Letterpress
XSCP1609 - Introduction to Sculpture
XSCP1622 - Welding/Metal Sculpture
XSCP1623 - Beginning Metal/Welding
XSCP1638 - Wood Joinery Basics
XSRF4012 - Surface Design: Basics