XARH300 - Hands-On Art History
XCER1407 - Looking to Making: Ceramics Techniques
XCER1408 - Ceramics Professional Critiques
XCER1409 - Getting a Handle on Handles
XCER1410 - Making Ceramics with Household Items
XCER1411 - Setting Up a Ceramics Home Studio
XCER1412 - Decorating with Slip
XCER1413 - Introduction to Handbuilding
XCER1414 - Intermediate Handbuilding
XCRF1030 - Mosaics I
XDEV1010 - Shamanic Tools for Creativity
XDEV1075 - How to Turn Your Art into an NFT
XDWG1001 - Drawing and Composition
XDWG1014 - Life Drawing
XDWG1018 - Large Scale Figure Drawing and Painting
XDWG1030 - Journaling Techniques: The Art of Noticing
XDWG1609 - Colored Pencil Painting
XDWG1614 - Don't Think, Draw!
XDWG1615 - Drawing I
XDWG1616 - Drawing II
XDWG1617 - I Can't Draw People!
XDWG1618 - How to Draw with Pen and Ink
XDWG1619 - How to Sketch Animals
XDWG1621 - How to Draw Portraits
XDWG1622 - Drawing and Heart Meditation Workshop
XDWG1624 - How to Paint with Gouache
XDWG1625 - Drawing using Visual Thinking Workshop
XDWG1710 - Landscape Painting
XFSH3030 - Expressive Batik Silk Painting Workshop
XGRD1101 - Color Theory and Design
XGRD5012 - 2D Design
XGRD5042 - Color Theory Essentials
XILU6151 - Botanical Illustration I
XILU6307 - Botanical Illustration II: Graphite Mastery
XILU6320 - Color Mixing for Scientific and Botanical Illustration
XILU6330 - Advanced Botanical Illustration Studio
XINT7001 - 3D Design
XPHO2010 - Introduction to Photography
XPHO2012 - Introduction to Black and White Darkroom
XPTG100 - LA Watercolor
XPTG1037 - Painterly Painting
XPTG1113 - From Plein Air Painting to the Studio
XPTG1114 - Tarot Card Painting
XPTG1128 - Introduction to Painting: Materials and Techniques
XPTG1152 - Encaustic Painting Workshop
XPTG1155 - Process of Abstraction
XPTG1161 - Painting Basics: Landscape
XPTG1212 - Expressionist Figure Painting
XPTG1500 - Portrait Drawing and Painting
XPTG1724 - Painting Basics: Still Life
XPTG1726 - Acrylic Painting I
XPTG1727 - Acrylic Painting II
XPTG1728 - Recording Los Angeles with Mixed Media
XPTG1730 - Acrylic Painting Techniques
XPTG1732 - Turning Around Artistic Burnout
XPTG1733 - Art and Healing Workshop
XPTG1734 - Get Unstuck with Mixed Media
XPTG1750 - Watercolor Painting I
XPTG1752 - Watercolor Painting II
XPTG1753 - Encaustic I
XPTG1755 - Advanced Watercolor: Painting People
XPTG1760 - Figurative Painting Techniques
XPTG1763 - Still Life Painting
XPTG1765 - Pntg Style of Masters: Realism
XPTG1770 - Still Life Painting with Watercolor
XPTG1780 - Rendering in Oils
XPTG1788 - Paint Like a Folk Genius
XPTG1800 - Master Painting Workshop with Laddie John Dill
XPTG1850 - Crossroads: Painting and Collage
XPTG1900 - Plein Air:Adv Watercolor
XPTG1910 - PP in Watercolor & Gouache
XPTG2000 - Canvas Building Workshop
XPTG4500 - Layer by Layer with Kimberly Brooks
XPTG7049 - Trompe-L'oeil Painting
XPTG9010 - Narrative Painting:
XPTG9015 - Fresco Painting
XPTG9020 - Materials Matter: Exploration
XSCP1637 - Experimental Sculpture
XWRT6033 - Expose your Inner Critic