XDEV1014 - Professional Practices for Artists: Presenting
XDEV1070 - Licensing Your Art and Earning Royalties
XDEV1073 - Launching Your Brand Online
XDEV1074 - How to Create and Sell an NFT: for Artists and Creatives
XDEV1075 - How to Turn Your Art into an NFT
XDMA8100 - Creative Coding
XDMA9009 - Digital Imaging I: Photoshop
XDMA9011 - Digital Design Tools: Media
XDMA9013 - Digital Design Tools: Print
XDMA9043 - Advanced Color Theory: Color Scripting for Visual Development
XDMA9122 - Media Literacy
XDMA9142 - Motion Graphics I
XDMA9150 - Animating Digital Puppets
XDMA9171 - Develop a Style in Procreate
XDMA9210 - Creative Ideation for Worlds and Environments
XDMA9221 - Digital Drawing II: Illustrator
XDMA9223 - Final Portfolio: Digital Media Arts
XDMA9227 - Animation Final Portfolio
XDMA9300 - AI Generative Art
XDWG1614 - Don't Think, Draw!
XDWG1615 - Drawing I
XDWG1617 - I Can't Draw People!
XFSH3027 - Watercolor and Ink for Fashion
XFSH3031 - Digital Fashion Design with CLO
XFSH3056 - Fashion Illustration
XFSH3202 - Fashion Design for the Contemporary Marketplace
XFSH3203 - Digital Brushes for Fashion Design Workshop
XGMD1001 - Introduction to Game Design
XGMD1002 - Game Development: Teams
XGMD1003 - Scripting for Game Design
XGMD1007 - Game Design Production II
XGRD5014 - Introduction to Graphic Design
XGRD5022 - Designing Your Vision: Creating a Cohesive Brand Identity
XGRD5024 - Intermediate Graphic Design
XGRD5026 - Digital Print Production: InDesign
XGRD5030 - Typography II
XGRD5038 - Designing the Campaign
XILU5019 - Storyboarding for Film and Animation
XILU6009 - Illustrating Children's Books
XILU6151 - Botanical Illustration I
XILU6300 - Character Design
XILU6330 - Advanced Botanical Illustration Studio
XINT7010 - Introduction to Interior Design
XINT7045 - Introduction to Sustainable Interior Design
XINT7200 - Drafting I
XINT7201 - Drafting II
XINT7300 - Interior Design Studio I
XINT7301 - Interior Design Studio II
XINT7302 - Interior Design Studio III
XINT7500 - Interior Design Professional Practices
XPHO2010 - Introduction to Photography
XPHO2015 - Intermediate Still Life and Product Photography
XPHO3010 - Producing a Photoshoot
XPRD7501 - Introduction to Product Design
XPRD7503 - 3D Digital Modeling I
XPRD7700 - Product Design Studio III
XPTG1755 - Advanced Watercolor: Painting People
XSRF4012 - Surface Design: Basics
XSRF4024 - Surface Design: Applications
XSRF4027 - Surface Design: Digital Creation
XWRT6010 - Writing Children's Books
XWRT6031 - Micro Stories & Poems: Macro Impact
XWRT6035 - Story by Story: The Composite Novel or Memoir
XWRT6038 - Writing the Body


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