XDEV1072 - Business Operations 101 for Design and Fashion
XDMA9013 - Introduction to Digital Design: Print
XDMA9135 - Web Design I
XGMD1003 - Scripting for Game Design
XGRD100 - LA Book Art Retreat
XGRD1101 - Color Theory and Design
XGRD1102 - Crafting Your Professional Portfolio
XGRD1103 - Calligraphy: Gothic Script
XGRD1104 - Gothic Script: 800 Year Journey From Monastery To Street Art
XGRD1157 - Artists' Books:Ideas, Actions
XGRD1159 - Branding and Identity
XGRD1160 - Box Making for Books
XGRD1161 - Branding with a Cause
XGRD1800 - Intro to Brand and Identity
XGRD273 - Printmaking: Integrated Media
XGRD3000 - Advertising Design
XGRD5007 - Advanced Bookbinding
XGRD5010 - Art Direction III
XGRD5012 - 2D Design
XGRD5014 - Introduction to Graphic Design
XGRD5015 - Web Design: UX/UI
XGRD5016 - Logos, Symbols, and Letterforms
XGRD5021 - Design Infographics with Illustrator
XGRD5022 - Designing Your Vision: Creating a Cohesive Brand Identity
XGRD5023 - Designing Infographics
XGRD5025 - Web Presence: Coding
XGRD5026 - Digital Print Production
XGRD5027 - How To Get Unstuck: A Designers Toolkit
XGRD5028 - Visual Design for UX/UI and Digital Apps
XGRD5029 - Typography I
XGRD5030 - Typography II
XGRD5031 - Otis Lab Press at Home: Type as Image
XGRD5032 - Otis Lab Press at Home: Create Valentines Day Greeting Cards
XGRD5033 - Otis Lab Press at Home: Create Mothers Day Greeting Cards
XGRD5034 - Digital Publication Design
XGRD5035 - Pre-MFA Graphic Form and Research
XGRD5036 - Calligraphy: Modern Informal Italic
XGRD5037 - Otis Lab Press at Home: Create Fathers Day Greeting Cards
XGRD5038 - Designing the Campaign
XGRD5039 - Calligraphy: Gothic Script Fractur
XGRD5040 - Typography Studio 1
XGRD5041 - Pre-MFA Typography
XGRD5045 - Type for Illustrators
XGRD5055 - Pre-MFA Web and Interactive Fundamentals
XGRD5056 - Type + Form: Pre-MFA Graphic Design Intensive
XGRD5100 - Introduction to Letterpress
XGRD5105 - Letterpress for Designers
XGRD5108 - Project-Based Letterpress
XGRD5109 - Introduction to Book Binding
XGRD5110 - Handmade Book Structures
XGRD5111 - Traditional Bookbinding
XGRD5112 - Binding Desire Workshop
XGRD5187 - Calligraphy: Copperplate
XGRD5188 - Calligraphy: Spencerian
XGRD5200 - Concepts in Advertising
XGRD5210 - Package Design
XGRD5495 - Comm Arts Internship
XGRD5500 - Final Portfolio
XGRD5600 - Visual Language COMD 364
XGRD5610 - Typography III COMD 310
XGRD5620 - Identity & Systems Design COMD
XGRD5630 - Comm. Studio III COMD 300
XGRD5660 - Type Design I
XGRD5700 - Communication Studio I
XGRD6100 - Italic Lettering
XGRD6200 - Calligraphy: Modern Pointed Pen
XGRD661 - Publication Design
XGRD6700 - Intro to Design
XGRD8015 - Pointed Pen, Mod Calligraphy
XGRD999 - Ind Study:
XILU5020 - Quick Sketch Techniques
XILU6304 - 2D Character Design Workshop
XILU6306 - Graphic Novel Illustration